The Power of a Discover Year

"Discover Year has completely changed my life. I am now someone who can confidently say I am a better human being. I could not imagine where I would be without Discover Year." — Reid ten Den, Graduate
"Discover year gave me the confidence and courage to face my fears and be the best version of myself that I can be.” — Julie Chaput, Graduate
"Last year, I didn't know what I wanted out of my future. I was aimlessly following the paths that people around me were suggesting. During my Discover Year, I learned a lot about myself. Now I feel like I'm in control because I know what direction I want to take with my future. I feel like I'm moving through life with a purpose. It's hard to describe, but I see value in my actions, which is something I was missing in the first 18 years of my life." — Josh Harris, Graduate
"Coming out of high school, everything felt generic. But at Discover Year, you're building your own path and really exploring what you truly want to do. There are no exams. It’s about meeting people, figuring out what you enjoy, and what you want to do next. You get to explore who you are as a person. I see it as a lot of self-learning. Self-care, in a way.” — Liam Bevington, Graduate
"I had no idea how big of an impact Discover Year would have on my life before I started, or all the memories I would make. I am now someone who is confident - emotionally, physically, and mentally. I would never have been able to do it without everyone at Discover Year.” — Laura Grisim, Graduate
"This year, I have come to know myself so much better. I now have a clear picture of who I am and what I want out of life, all thanks to the priceless experiences and inspiring and supportive people at Discover Year. I walked into this program as a kid and came out the other side as an adult.” — Maïa Bianchi Melchin, Graduate

Lessons Learned

"The most important thing I learned this year was to put myself out there. I wasn't very confident coming out of high school. I was kind of shy, and had a bit of social anxiety, so I definitely learned a lot about how to meet people and to be more confident." — Sofia Lentfer, Graduate
"I learned a lot about myself this year - what my strengths, weaknesses, values and goals are. I also learned about the importance of networking, and exposing yourself to new opportunities. And of course I learned many new career skills in the workshops. Now, I feel less anxious and more excited about my future.” — Kate Gallagher, Graduate
"When I was figuring out what to do after high school, I was making a calculated self-assessment based on the limited skillset I thought I had at the time. Discover Year helped me realize I had drastically underestimated myself." — Rhys Fitzgerald, Graduate
"Future Discover Year students: Keep an open mind and listen because you're going to learn a ton about life and what it has to offer." — Noah Levesque, Graduate
"I couldn't be more grateful for Discover Year. I learned so much throughout the year, especially about myself. There was so much reflection time. I have come to realize that life is an experience and I want to live it to the fullest. It's not about getting from ‘point A to point B' — life is side to side and upside down." — Reid Ten Den, Graduate

Our Culture and Community

"Discover year is a real community where you learn and progress in self discovery. I learned important skills that are important in personal and professional relationships. I believe the program allowed me to really begin to understand myself. I think this program is amazing." — Jake McLean, Graduate
"Discover Year creates an environment like no other. It feels safe, supportive and always friendly. It feels good to be my true, authentic self in a space where everyone else feels the same way.” — Grace Lemon, Graduate
"People around me are already noticing my growth, especially in my confidence. In high school, I was always concerned about what people thought of me. Now that I'm in a psychologically safe environment at Discover Year, I’m able to enjoy my time with others and have fun. I'm myself now." — Arianne Nantel, Current Student
"Thank you, Discover Year, for everything. The ongoing support and resources you've offered me will be life-changing. I'll never forget this program and everything it did for me.” — Aeverie Lane, Graduate