Help your adolescent child thrive in adulthood!

Would you like to help your adolescent child(ren) develop greater motivation, be more independent, and improve their coping, communication and decision-making skills?

We would love to help you, help them.

Have questions about Discover Year?

Do you think Discover Year could be a great fit for your child(ren) but you still have questions? We would be happy to speak with you!

If you are a Canadian or overseas parent, please book a call with Alexy Touchette, our Program Coordinator. If you are an American parent, please book a call with Jonah Cedar, our American Program Manager.

We look forward to meeting you!

Check out our online course for parents!

Did you know that we offer tons of FREE online modules for students, parents, educators and professionals?
Through our parent company, MentorU Leadership Academy, we have a variety of online content that can help you improve your communication, develop greater self-awareness and build stronger trust with others.

For content that will be particularly relevant to parents, explore our 8-module course, Parenting Adolescents

In this course, you will explore topics related to understanding the teenage brain, goal-setting, decision-making, youth mental health, the importance of failing (and learning from failure), and much more.

Here is a sneak peek:

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Workshops and Presentations for Parents

Do you have an upcoming parent group meeting, school committee meeting, or other event involving parents of adolescents? We would be happy to attend to deliver our engaging and interactive workshop, Thriving in Adulthood: what's different today and how you can help.

Here is what parents can expect to get out of our workshops:

1) Explore the most important skills and experiences that will help your child(ren) thrive in adulthood
2) Build meaningful connections with parents in a similar situation
3) Better understand the circumstances that make today's transition into adulthood unique
4) Learn skills to help you build stronger trust and better communication with your child(ren).

Contact us today to book your session. We look forward to working with you!

Why a Discover Year could be the answer for youth seeking more direction

How do we know when the status quo is no longer working? Does our current education model need to be redesigned to truly support today's adolescents and young adults? Watch this TED Talk by Discover Year founder, Jay Gosselin, about how we can better support young people to build a purposeful career and life.

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