You want your students to succeed—and so do we.

At Discover Year, we help young adults better understand what they want out of their future and build the skills they need to go out and get it.

We've created this webpage and the resources below to give educators a better idea about what the Discover Year program is, why it's unique, and how students of all backgrounds can benefit from a purposeful and structured gap year.

How we can be available to you

We would love to meet you to answer your questions and provide more information about Discover Year. In addition to hosting monthly virtual information sessions, here are some of the other ways we can be available to you, your students and your School Board:

• Host an information session specifically for your students
• Host an information session specifically for your faculty or School Board
• Attend your school's post-secondary fairs or career fairs

If you are interested in having us host an event for your school, we invite you to
schedule a call with our Program Manager, Julia. We look forward to meeting you!

Materials & Resources

We invite you to use and distribute the documents below to help your students and their parents learn more about the Discover Year program.

Resources for Canadian educators:
Discover Year brochure (Canada)
Discover Year poster
Discover Year flyer
Discover Year Covid-19 Infographic

Resources for American educators:
Discover Year brochure (United States)
Discover Year poster
Discover Year flyer
Discover Year Covid-19 Infographic

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Making the Case for a Discover Year

While the concept of the "gap year" remains relatively undeveloped in Canada, we believe that there has never been a better time for young adults to undertake a structured, purposeful year as a stepping stone to post-secondary education or the workforce.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have further reinforced this. The pandemic has taken a toll on all students, and many feel more anxious, less confident, and more indecisive about their future and what education or career path to take. We want to support students through this process by helping them better understand their unique strengths and interests, and learn how they can use those strengths to reach their full potential.

The state of Canadian students' mental health:

  • 88% of post-secondary students reported feeling completely overwhelmed by everything they need to accomplish.
  • 64% of post-secondary students reported feeling hopeless in last 12 months.

How a purposeful gap year can help:

  • 100% of Discover Year graduates agree that Discover Year helped them develop greater self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and resilience.

Learn more about why a Discover Year is important

Who is Discover Year for?

Discover Year is designed to support high school graduates aged 17-21 who are curious, open-minded, and committed to their personal and professional growth. Our students come from all walks of life, with their own unique strengths, interests, and barriers. Whether a student is seeking more clarity in their future, craving exploration and adventure, or wanting to build on their existing strengths, Discover Year has a place for them.

Direction Seeker

Direction Seekers generally have a lot of interests, but are unsure of where to start or which interests to pursue. They may choose to take a Discover Year to find clarity and identify their next steps.

High Achiever

Many High Achievers choose to take a gap year! These students usually perform well academically and balance many responsibilities at once, but they want an opportunity to recharge and learn more about themselves.


Explorers are always on the look-out for a new adventure! They are generally very open-minded students who have a desire to learn new skills and explore new places during their Discover Year.

Barrier Breaker

Barrier Breakers are determined and resilient students who may be living with a health or learning challenge, and are interested in taking a Discover Year to build on their existing skills and strengths.

Hear What Our Community is Saying

"Discover Year has completely changed my life. I am now someone who can confidently say I am a better human being. I could not imagine where I would be without Discover Year." — Reid ten Den, Graduate
"Discover Year creates an environment like no other. It feels safe, supportive and always friendly. It feels good to be my true, authentic self in a space where everyone else feels the same way.” - Grace Lemon, Graduate
"When I was figuring out what to do after high school, I was making a calculated self-assessment based on the limited skillset I thought I had at the time. Discover Year helped me realize I had drastically underestimated myself." - Rhys Fitzgerald, Graduate
"I cannot even express how impressed I am, and how great this program has been for my daughter. The changes have been tremendous.” - Andreas Lentfer, Parent of a Graduate

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