The Power of a Discover Year

"I would describe the program in three words: relevant, engaging and inspirational. Those are three words I would have rarely used to describe any of Isaac's other educational endeavours to date. The things he learned were relevant to what he wanted to know, he was constantly inspired by the people he met, and he looked forward to the Discovery Days so much, and was so engaged in the program. He was even excited about the homework!" — Max Finkelstein, Parent of a Graduate
"Discover Year is the best thing our daughter could have done at this stage of her life! It has been a transformative experience for her. I highly recommend it to any young adult who needs space to find themselves." — Manon Abud, Parent of a Current Student
"This program absolutely surpassed what I imagined. It was everything I had expected and much more. My children have gone from teenagers to adults. They have found self-assurance." — Nadja Becsey, Parent of two Graduates
"Honestly, Discover Year is a no-brainer. If you're willing to take a different route and try something new, this opportunity is one year out of a lifetime. It's a great way to experience life." — Nina Rudin, Parent of a Current Student
"I cannot even express how impressed I am, and how great this program has been for my daughter. The changes have been tremendous.” — Andreas Lentfer, Parent of two Graduates
"Since the beginning of her Discover Year, I am noticing that my daughter is thinking about and planning for her future. She has gained perspective and confidence. I'm so happy this program exists to help her through her transition.” — Stephanie Chiasson, Parent of a Current Student

Lessons Learned

"Josh's level of maturity has improved immensely during his time in the Discover Year. His organizational skills have improved to a point where I no longer have to remind him to stay on top of important things, such as financial affairs and school plans. He takes responsibility for his actions and does not procrastinate anymore. Not only does Discover Year impact positively on the participant, but on the entire family." — Alma Harris, Parent of a Graduate
"By interacting with the Discover Year network of mentors, champions and allies, Kate has become much more skilled at connecting with people. A few weeks ago after she was asked to meet with someone who was seeking information on careers in marketing, Kate remarked: 'Last year I was her and now I’m the person providing the information!' What a difference a year makes!” — Moyra McWilliam, Parent of a Graduate
"So far in his Discover Year, my son has gained insight about himself and what kind of person he is. He has learned to identify his challenges and understand how to work through them." — Lori Haywood, Parent of a Current Student
“Aureilia now has a roadmap for life. Whether the problem is big or small, she now has a way of approaching things that she didn't have before her Discover Year. She used to get paralyzed in decision-making. She now has adaptability and resourcefulness that will help her in all sorts of situations. She has courage now - curiosity, rather than the fear. This program condenses three or four years of maturity into one year.” — Joy Overtveld, Parent of a Graduate
"Discover Year has helped build our son’s confidence and interpersonal skills. It has helped him make friends with students from all over the city. He's become more self-reliant and is more eager to participate in social activities." — Parent of a Current Student
“After the first six months of the program, we've noticed a lot of changes in our daughter, such as taking on more responsibility for her own life, more initiative, more excitement, and more confidence. She loved attending the orientation period and travelling on her own to Ottawa. That was a huge growth opportunity for her where she flourished. She came back home excited and engaged in the programming.” — Carlene Holowaty, Parent of a Current Student