Where Parents Talk Podcast:
Post-High School Education Options for Students with Jay Gosselin

October 29, 2022

The ‘traditional’ path of graduating from high school and going right to college or university is not for everyone. And perhaps even less so in today’s world. In this podcast, founder of Discover Year Jay Gosselin discusses an alternative to this status quo: a purposeful gap year. (This interview also aired on 105.9 The Region.)

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Where Parents Talk Podcast:
The Structured Gap Year: A Family’s Lessons Learned with Julie Beauchamp-Conde

September 11, 2022

Julie Beauchamp-Conde, the mother of a Discover Year graduate, shares how Discover Year helped her son gain more direction for his future and the positive impacts the program had not only on her son, but on their entire family.

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The Career Builder's Podcast:
Gap Years, Irrational Fears, and Purposeful Education with Jay Gosselin

March 25, 2022

Career paths are certainly not straight lines anymore. Jay Gosselin, the founder of MentorU and Discover Year, shares his career story and the insights he's gained from working with thousands of young people questioning their professional future.

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Daytime Ottawa (Rogers TV):
Why More Young People Should Consider Taking a Purposeful Gap Year

November 23, 2018

Discover Year founder Jay Gosselin and student Claire Brennan discuss how the purposeful gap year program Discover Year helps young people build the most important skills for success in school, work and life.

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Career Buzz Podcast:
In Conversation with Jay Gosselin at the Canadian Positive Psychology Association 2018 Conference

August 6, 2018

Founder of MentorU and Discover Year Jay Gosselin believes your twenties are for building your experience, thirties are for building your expertise, and your forties and fifties are for building your dreams. In this interview, he discusses why he started his professional development business and how he helps others build their experience, expertise and dreams. (Interview starts at 00:39:00)

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TEDx Talk by Jay Gosselin:
Gap Year: A Path to Purposeful Education

March 30, 2018

How do we know when the status quo is no longer working? What does it take for us to see that the current education model in Canada needs to be redesigned? For Jay Gosselin, it took 12,000 heartbreaking conversations with students to fully understand how badly our model for educational transitions needs to be overhauled. In this TED Talk, Jay talks about how a purposeful gap year could be the solution.

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Ta carrière, ton histoire (Rogers TV) :
Une année sabbatique pour les étudiants? Pourquoi/comment

25 september, 2017

Jay Gosselin, fondateur du groupe Discover Year, nous explique les bienfaits de prendre une année sabbatique entre les études secondaires et les études post-secondaires et bien plus.

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It'sNotAcademic Podcast:
In Conversation with Jay Gosselin

April 11, 2017

The importance of mentorship and positive role models for students is often discussed in conversations around promoting access to higher education. Obviously these concepts are important, but why? In this episode, Jay Gosselin, a long-time student services professional and the founder of MentorU and the Discover Year program, discusses why mentorship is so crucial and how it's integrated within Discover Year.

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L'Express Toronto:
Donner un sens à son engagement professionnel

22 novembre, 2016

Jay Gosselin, fondateur du groupe Discover Year, donne le portrait du programme Discover Year, ainsi que les bienfaits de prendre une année sabbatique pour les jeunes de 18 à 22 ans.

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First-ever, multi-city North American showcase features education options for youth (November 14, 2022)


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