Complete your Discover Year remotely from anywhere!

The diagram below provides an overview of the in-person and online components of the program for students who are completing the program remotely.

For more information about each of the program components listed above, please visit our Program Components FAQs page.

*Orientation in Ottawa

Before the launch of the official Discover Year programming in September, we offer an in-person orientation week for ALL Discover Year students in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. During this week, students participate in fun and engaging activities such as social events, team-building exercises, cultural activities, and more—giving them the opportunity to bond with other students and build meaningful connections that set them up for even greater success throughout their Discover Year.

We strongly encourage all students who will be completing their Discover Year remotely to travel to Ottawa for the orientation week, if this is feasible for them. Our staff will gladly support students to arrange their travel and secure accommodation in Ottawa to make sure they can get the most out of the exciting orientation week experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Discover Year Online

If you are planning to complete your Discover Year remotely from outside one of our official locations (Ottawa, Toronto, and Boston), we understand you might have some questions about what the program will look like for you, how you will engage with other students, and more.

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive from students and parents who are thinking about doing a remote Discover Year. If your questions are not answered below, please book a call with our program coordinator, Alexy so we can get you the answers you need!

1. How will I connect with other students in the program if I am living outside an official Discover Year location?

Every year, our students form unique bonds and develop meaningful connections and friendships—many of which last long after the end of their Discover Year. That is because our programming is centred around interactive, engaging and discussion-based learning, which not only gives students the opportunity to connect with one another on a deeper level, but also helps foster an open, warm and non-judgemental environment—even online. Even when interacting virtually, our students still develop strong relationships and get to know each other in ways that many students have not experienced before.

This is also why we encourage all students—no matter where they are living—to travel to Ottawa for our orientation period in late August so they can have the chance to meet and bond with other students in-person.

2. How will I participate in the in-person components of the program (like in-person Discovery Days) if I'm not in Ottawa, Toronto or Boston?

Students living outside of Ottawa, Toronto and Boston will still join the online Discovery Days virtually like all other students in the program. When it comes to the in-person Discovery Days, our staff and coaches will help students organize activities in their own city that are similar to the activities happening in Ottawa/Toronto/Boston (e.g. a campus tour, a visit to a museum, etc.). Students can do these activities on their own, or if there are multiple Discover Year students living in the same city, they can organize and attend the activities together. Then, all out-of-town students will come together virtually to meet with a Discover Year coach to debrief on their day and reflect on their lessons learned.

3. If I live within close proximity to Ottawa, Toronto or Boston, can I attend the in-person Discovery Days and then return home to my city?

Of course! If you live close to Ottawa, Toronto or Boston and have access to transportation, then you are more than welcome to join the in-person Discovery Days in Ottawa/Toronto/Boston each month. Then you can return to your home city and join the online Discovery Days virtually like all other students. And, if travelling to attend every in-person Discover Day isn't feasible for you, that is also fine! You can choose to just attend some in-person days in Ottawa/Toronto/Boston, though we ask that you inform our program manager in advance so we can plan accordingly.

4. Could I move to Ottawa, Toronto or Boston for part of my Discover Year?

Absolutely! If you are interested in spending some of your Discover Year in Ottawa or Toronto (for Canadian students) or Boston (for American students), our staff will support you in your search for accommodation for your desired period of time, whether that is a hotel, and Airbnb, or a homestay with a local Discover Year student and their family.