Are you currently living elsewhere in the United States and interested in moving to Boston for your Discover Year? Click here to learn more!

What will my Discover Year in Boston look like?

Discover Year's hybrid learning model blends in-person and online learning that is interactive, practical and engaging. The diagram below provides an overview of the in-person and online components of the program.

For more information about each of the program components listed above, please visit our Program Components FAQs page.

*Orientation in Ottawa

Before the launch of the official Discover Year programming in September, we offer an in-person orientation week for ALL Discover Year students in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. During this week, students participate in fun and engaging activities such as social events, team-building exercises, cultural activities, and more—giving them the opportunity to bond with other students and build meaningful connections that set them up for even greater success throughout their Discover Year.

We strongly encourage students living in Boston to travel to Ottawa for the orientation week, if this is feasible for them. Our staff will gladly support students to arrange their travel and secure accommodation in Ottawa to make sure they can get the most out of the exciting orientation week experience.

Interested in moving to Boston for your Discover Year?

Whether you're coming from San Francisco, Atlanta or anywhere in between, we would love to have you join us in Boston for your Discover Year!

If you're interested in pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and moving to Boston for your Discover Year, our staff will be happy to support you through this process.

As a vibrant and dynamic city with several post-secondary schools, Boston offers plenty of affordable accommodation options for students. While Discover Year does not have official residences for out-of-town students, we help coach students on how to find accommodation that suits their budget and needs—whether that means finding an apartment with other students, booking a long-term Airbnb, or arranging a homestay with other local Discover Year students and their families.

Students are welcome to move to Boston for the entire duration of their Discover Year or just for a portion of it, depending on their unique situation and goals for the year.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about moving to Boston for your Discover Year. Please use the link below to schedule a call with our American program manager, Jonah.