Our Mission

Empower young adults to create significance in their lives.

Our Objectives


Confidence, Self-Awareness, & Motivation


Creativity, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, & Resilience

Our Principles


Facing Fears, Overcoming Obstacles, & Getting Started.


Stepping outside the Comfort Zone & adopting a "learner's" mindset.


Identifying interests, values, & strengths. Making purposeful decisions.

Our Process

Experiential Learning

Work, Travel, & Community Service

Skill Development

Workshops & Group Discussion


Self-Reflection, Coaching, & Exploration

Community Building

Mentorship, Support, & Inspiration

Our mission is to help students build a sense of personal agency and become more adaptable in their surroundings, thus empowering them to take action toward their goals and make well-informed, purposeful decisions about their future that align with their intrinsic motivations.

The Discover Year integrates experiential learning, self-discovery and skill development into a meaningful year away from formal education. Our inspiring and enriching community of mentors serves as a support system within which our students can explore their authentic interests, values and strengths.

Our approach to personal and career development is quite different from the traditional model of education. This structured gap year blends work, travel, community service, skills workshops, mentorship and career coaching to help set its participants on a journey toward significance.

Here's how we're different from other gap year programs:

One of a kind

No other program exists for young adults in Canada that combines experiential learning, skill development, career counselling, mentorship and community service in a single program - at least not the way we offer this combination of experiences at Discover Year.

students high five

Low fees and an opportunity to save money

While other gap year programs offer travel and volunteer experiences, and some even offer organized skills training, there is usually a net financial loss for the student or their family over the duration of the program, due to program fees. Our goal is to make Discover Year as accessible as possible across all socio-economic levels. The financial model for our program has been developed to accomplish 2 goals:

  • Self-funding: Participants are able to cover the cost of the program on their own, through the salaries they earn during their work terms, thus helping them build their financial management skills and relieve their parents of additional financial responsibility.

  • Projected savings: Participants should (in theory) be able to save a substantial amount of money to help pay their future tuition fees.

students working

Mentorship from over 100 successful professionals

Our low program fees are made possible by our ability to harness the power of meaningful community service, as our incredible committee members offer their support on a volunteer basis. Participants in the program will have access to over 100 successful professionals from a wide variety of industries and careers. These mentors will provide important insight into the challenges, rewards and skills required in a variety of vocations.

Learning through action and integration

While other gap year programs encourage participants to create distinct work or volunteer periods for themselves at the outset or completion of the program, Discover Year participants are able to assess their interests, values and future decisions on an ongoing basis throughout the year while taking action to uncover their passions. This enables them to make more informed decisions and to apply the knowledge and skills they are gaining in real-time, thus allowing for a more complete integration of their development. Because it is impossible to predict when a person may experience that "a-ha" moment, we believe that it is essential to provide continuous varied experiences and opportunities for reflection.

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