Discover Year is an accredited Canadian post-secondary program. Therefore, tuition fees are RESP-eligible and can be claimed as a tuition tax credit* (for Canadian citizens).

*Discover Year is a certified Canadian Educational Program under the Canadian Income Tax Act.

At Discover Year, our goal is to make our program as accessible as possible to students of all socioeconomic levels. The financial model for our program has been developed to help students self-fund their gap year and even save money through two work terms from September to January, and from March to June.


Salary from two work terms*
$15/hr x 30 hours/week x 40 weeks
$1,100 non-refundable deposit + $975/month x 8 installments
$1,500 flight + $1,500 living expenses + $500 preparation and equipment
Net Income +$5,600

* The above figures are estimates only and do not reflect cost of living fees. Actual salaries and travel costs will vary according to students' skill level, motivation and interests.

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Financial Aid Opportunities

At Discover Year, learning is a two-way street. We love seeing our students develop new skills and we benefit from their perspectives on how to communicate our mission to the world. Therefore, we offer the Discover Year Internships program, designed to offer meaningful work opportunities to our own students. Up to five $1,000 internships are available each year. More details will be shared with students at the start of the program.

To make our program as accessible as possible to students of all backgrounds, a limited number of Discover Year bursaries are available to Canadian citizens, based on Canada's Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) Rate. Click here for more information.

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Pay your Discover Year Tuition using loyalty points!

Discover year is pleased to be a Participating Institution in the program. Students, family members and friends can convert loyalty points to cover Discover Year fees.

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