Helping students thrive in high school and beyond

At Discover Year, we want to do our part to help young people thrive as they transition out of high school and into adulthood. This includes helping them develop self-awareness, relationship and communication skills, resilience and organizational skills, among others.

That's why we've designed workshops specifically for high school classrooms to inspire students to take action, develop crucial life skills, and explore their unique interests, values and talents as they enter the "real" world.

Engaging and inspiring workshops for students

Are you interested in having the Discover Year team host a workshop for your students or integrating one into your classroom curriculum? We offer an array of practical, engaging and inspiring workshops on topics such as:

• Escape Rooms: Lessons in Effective Teamwork (includes in-person or virtual escape experience)
• FIND Your Passions (you can’t FOLLOW what you have yet to find!)
• Explorer vs. Achiever: Shift Your Mindset for Meaning and Fulfillment
• Professional Communication
• Polite Persistence: The Key to an Effective Job Search
• Interview Skills: Preparing for the Interview
• Interview skills: Delivering an Effective Elevator Speech
• Success in the Workplace: A Guide to Becoming an Exceptional Employee
• Goal Setting
• Resilience: The Four Factors That Enable People to Bounce Back
• Building Meaningful Relationships
• And more!

We offer both in-person and online programming and workshops that can be delivered over: 90 minutes, 3 hours, a full day, two days, or a full semester (weekly workshops).

Contact us today to book your session. We look forward to working with you!