At Discover Year, it's important to us that our program be accessible to as many young adults as possible. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we are able to offer a Financial Aid Fund to help make the program possible for youth from all socioeconomic levels.

And so, we are hosting a raffle and giving away some fantastic prizes to help support future Discoverites!

Our 2020 fundraising goal: Full tuition for one student in financial need (value of $6,400)

BUY RAFFLE TICKETS HERE (NOTE: Under "company" field, please indicate DY Raffle)

$20 for 1 ticket
$50 for 3 tickets
$100 for 8 tickets

Here are some of the prizes you can win:

  • Introduction to Leadership Coaching - three sessions to get you started for 45 minutes each via Zoom, courtesy of Clarivia Coaching ($700 value)
  • Two full festival passes to RBC Bluesfest 2020, courtesy of RememberMe Roofing ($500 value)
  • Three Career Transition Coaching Sessions, courtesy of Melanie Bergeron ($450 value)
  • One night stay for two in a Heritage Room, including breakfast, courtesy of the Wakefield Mill ($310 value)
  • Gift card for an Escape Experience for 6 players (2 gift cards available), courtesy of Escape Manor ($275 value)
  • One night stay in a premiere one-bedroom suite, courtesy of Les Suites Hotel ($255 value)
  • DJ for your 2020 event: two hours, 50 people, substance free environment, courtesy of Renee Michaud, AKA DJ Uneety ($250 value)
  • Communications coaching session, courtesy of Stage Light Communications ($150 value)
  • 20-min Spring or Family Photography Session - 5 photos, courtesy of Megan Cameron Photography ($115 value)
  • Discover Year Swag bag: T-shirt, water bottle, travel mug, lip balm, tote bag ($75 value)
  • Gift certificate for Lieutenant’s Pump ($70 value)
  • Under Armour Sweatshirt, courtesy of Algonquin College ($65 value)
  • Converse shoes and backpack ($120 value)
  • Three one-hour Portuguese lessons (online), courtesy of Ana Alves ($56 value)
  • Four pints of Luxury Ice Cream from Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream ($55 value)
  • Gift certificate from The Whalesbone Restaurant (Value TBD)
  • Quesada Gift Card ($50 value)
  • One of two gift cards to AmeriSpa ($50 value each)
  • Ice cream cake from Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream ($45 value)
  • Challenge Cards, courtesy of Spark Path ($40 value)
  • Book "Sink, Float, SOAR - Your personal guide to discovering your inner self", courtesy of Dave Urichuck, The Adventure Coach ($25 value)
  • ½ day corporate team-building event: Ransom and Return workshop for up to 25 people, courtesy of Jay Gosselin, MentorU/Escape Manor ($2, 500 value)

Below, you can read Ana's (current Discoverite) and Phoebe’s (former Discoverite) testimonials, two amazing young adults who’ve received Discover Year’s Financial Aid.

Ana Luísa Alves

Current Discoverite, Ana, shares how she decided to pursue a gap year and the impact of the program so far.

"As a 17-year old girl from Portugal, I was not allowed to apply for a working holiday visa in Canada. For me, a scholarship was essential to experience work and build important skills before entering postsecondary. What I love most about Discover Year is the environment of inclusion, support and non-judgement. Since being in the program, I have noticed an improvement in my self-confidence, self-awareness and communication skills.

I am not afraid to share my thoughts and ideas, and feedback has become more natural in both giving it and receiving it. I am more aware of my emotions, my deepest values and unique strengths. I was able to develop the skill of listening curiously during conversations which has led to deeper questioning, more meaningful interactions and stronger relationships with family and friends.

Things I couldn’t do without feeling anxious, now have become much more natural and comfortable. I used to not be able to speak to large groups or even play guitar in public. Getting through these mental barriers is extremely liberating as it allows me to be my authentic self! With coaching, mentorship and goal-setting, I know I am heading in a direction that feels right to me!"

Read Ana’s full story here

Phoebe Smith

Former Discoverite, Pheobe, talks about overcoming personal challenges and the impact Discover Year has had on her life since graduating in 2019.

"I remember speaking to Jay about my interest in joining Discover Year and sharing with him the financial challenges I was facing. I told him that I didn’t have financial support from anyone and that was living on my own. I told him that I felt completely alone and didn’t think I could accomplish my dreams, unless I were to put my life on hold for a few years to save money.

Jay listened to me and explained that Discover Year would offer me full financial aid to cover my program expenses. At that moment, I remember crying tears of joy because I knew my journey wasn’t over, and most importantly, that I was no longer alone."

Read Phoebe’s full story here