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Discover Year is a certified Canadian post-secondary program. Program fees are RESP-eligible and can be claimed as a tuition tax credit, reducing the effective cost to Canadian students and families.

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You can complete your Discover Year in:

  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Remotely

How Discover Year Can Help You

Do you feel overwhelmed or confused when you think about your future? Do you want to connect with other young people who feel the same way and develop a stronger sense of belonging?

You're not alone!

We support students of diverse backgrounds to build important character and career skills, discover their interests and strengths, and gain a clearer sense of direction for their future through education that is relevant, engaging and inspiring.

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What Makes Us Different

Our program follows a 1:6 ratio to foster a unique, engaging and interactive environment. We have one educator for every six students, and each week our students engage in one day of dynamic learning and six days of purposeful exploration.

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Hear What Our Community is Saying

"Last year, I didn't know what I wanted out of my future. I was aimlessly following the paths that people around me were suggesting. During my Discover Year, I learned a lot about myself. Now I feel like I'm in control because I know what direction I want to take with my future. I feel like I'm moving through life with a purpose. It's hard to describe, but I see value in my actions, which is something I was missing in the first 18 years of my life." — Josh Harris, Graduate
"Never in a million years could you accomplish in your own gap year what the students accomplish in one Discover Year. There is just so much condensed into 12 months. It’s amazing." — Nadja Becsey, Parent of a Graduate

Our graduates consistently agree that Discover Year helped them:

Become more

"Discover Year was the best choice that I could have made for my gap year because it helped me better understand myself and improve myself overall."
- Noel Klassen, Graduate

Build stronger

“Discover Year gave me the confidence and courage to face my fears and be the best version of myself that I can be.”
- Julie Chaput, Graduate

Improve their
interpersonal skills

“I have improved my ability to communicate with others and all that comes with it, such as listening actively and asking meaningful questions."
- Joanna McDonald, Graduate

Become more

"Thanks to Discover Year, I am more adaptable and resilient to all sorts of challenges."
- Desmond Top, Graduate

Meet the People Behind Discover Year

We have a diverse and passionate team of over 100 mentors and coaches who volunteer their time and expertise to support our students. From business executives, to software engineers, to firefighters, to filmmakers, our network of caring and successful mentors come from all walks of life and professions.

Meet The Team

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We would be happy to answer any questions you have about Discover Year. Use the link below to schedule a call with our Program Manager, Julia.